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New builds and renovations

Whether you're building a new home or upgrading an existing one, we are able to help you achieve  the style you are looking for and ensure you have the most energy efficient options at hand. Not sure what you want? We are able to help with a design that will suit your needs and your budget


underground power and metering alterations

Building a new Shed? Installing a pool? How about a new hot water system? Need Three phase power upgrades?Whatever your next project is, be comfortable knowing that we will take care of the paperwork, liaise with Ergon and ensure your project can be completed on time.


Office and Commercial Fit-outs

Our team of multi skilled talented technicians are able to get your business up and running. It doesn't matter If you're moving into a new premises or refitting an old one, all of your electrical solutions can be provided. Data cabling and racks, Sign Box lighting, Timers, energy efficiency solutions and commercial catering equipment installations are just a few of the many services we offer. 

Air Conditioning

Installation and servicing of all types of Air Conditioning. We have fully qualified Air Conditioning and Refrigeration mechanics that allows us to offer complete services for any make, model or brand of system. Don't wait three weeks this summer to have you air-conditioner repaired, Call us today! 


Split System Air Conditioners

Having installed all major brands of air conditioners you can rely on us to help you get the most out of your system


Ducted Air Conditioners

Needing a ducted air conditioner? We have a range of systems we can install tailored to your house and requirements. Gone are the days of one room being freezing and another being stinking hot! We can install individual zone temperature controls to make your house comfortable in every room!

Commercial Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Whether your shop, surgery, cinema or school needs air-conditioning, there is always a solution. Multiple indoor units from one outdoor unit, Cassette units, Package units and Chiller installations are all options for your building with user-friendly, efficient energy controls

Commercial Refrigeration

Our technicians can diagnose, repair, upgrade and install a wide range of refrigeration equipment. Modifications of existing systems with the latest technologies and controls can save you money and downtime on your essential services. Upgrades from non-environmentally friendly refrigerants can be carried out at the time of repairs to save additional costs. This ensures we are doing our part for the environment.

Maintenance and Repairs

The need to ensure your energy costs are maintained is exceeded by your obligation of safety and well being to the occupants of your building

Do you have an effective Preventative maintenance SCHEDULE for your commercial HVAC systems?

Many people would have to answer no. Maintenance is something often overlooked due to cost, however, not maintaining your equipment is actually costing MORE money! Poorly maintained systems have decreased efficiency, higher power costs and the life of the equipment is reduced. We can design a preventative maintenance schedule that will allow you to fulfil your obligations as an occupier of a building and ensure that you have no nasty surprises. Call us for a site visit and we can go through your needs and maintenance budget requirements.

Repairs of industrial and commercial machines / appliances

The investment on new machines and commercial appliances almost ALWAYS outweighs the costs of repairing them. Having a wealth of experience in machines and controls, we will provide a solution to get your equipment up and running allowing you to do what you do best.